May 21, 2009

The TRUTH about FALSE allegation in his eyes

My momma oinked at me and said Petunia young lady patience is a virtue. Now being as how I have four legs, it is kind of hard to do anything with my hooved feet (including all this typing I do), I just waited and waited. I waited some more. I knew the day would come and one of them would say it. I knew it would come. And to what do my wondering eyes should appear? Nope not a jolly little man and eight tiny reindeer (that is another story folks), but this:

Pierce Harlan Says:

May 19th, 2009 at 1:13 pm
Corrrect, Thomas. "Unfounded" should be regarded as the moral equivalent of "false."

Yep there you have it folks!!!!! Unfounded "should" mean false..... Do I need to say anything else? I guess I can quit blogging now? Nope not on your life!!!! I will expose these "men" (cough snort gag cough hack puke) until my little hooves cannot move. Why? Because we must show the truth!!!! When women and chidlren are no longer penalized for making good faith reports of abuse and when women are not penalized and branded with the letters FA (false accuser), then and only then can I rest. Sorry Pierce you now join the ranks at Petunia's club for good. We badasses will be watching you......

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Cold North Wind said...

Don't know where this fellow lives- but where I am from- unfounded is a term often used in the courts- when a rape -especially of a child by the father-grandfather -uncle - cannot be PROVEN - in family/civil court. If these sexual aggression reports were taken straight to the police- with the attendant qualified and informed examinations done, there would not be the loophole for whining about "false" allegations- or mucking about with semantics.This guy should remember that- if and when he is raped-by a man.It happens.Nowhere near to the scale of women and children raped- but- it happens.