May 10, 2009

80% of violence coming from matriarchal underclass? Then explain the extreme and sudden rash of MALE dominated familial killings PUHLEASE!!!!

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April 4th, 2009 at 10:13 am
Most violence ( I believe i'ts near 80% of all violent crime) is coming from the matriarchal underclass. Children are now learning unrestrained violence from their mothers.
How matriarchal can a society get, until their are armed guards, frisking high school students....oh whoops, we are already there.

Then mca, please explain to me how and why there are so many father initiated murder suicides in the last 2 months? I REALLY want an explanation for that. Oh and please don't throw up 2 or 3 females who have committed murder.... I am asking for an explanation of all the father initiated killings (of which there are many) over the last 2 months?

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Welcome back folks.... We have mca with us and we have given him some time to ponder the question before him, and that question is why there ahve been so many father initiated familicides.... I know, I know..... You can guess when we will get that question answered right?

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