May 10, 2009

Women are helpless victims........

TF Says:

March 28th, 2009 at 7:31 pm
Women are just poor helpless victims of their emotions. Women cannot be trusted with power because their emotions overwhelm logic and morality; send them back to domestic duties. Agree with the feminists: women are not responsible or decent, or moral; they are deficient in these areas; let them do the dishes, clean the carpets, where they can do no harm.

Oh yes yes yes!!!!!! That is what we need to do is just cook, clean and wait on you wonderfulllllllllllll men hand and foot. And if we dare to open our mouths or try to form any type of opinion we ask that you beat us into submission. Because we are NOT allowed to have a brain, form an opinion, basically we are not ALLOWED to do anything.......

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