May 5, 2009

More from sonja - this needs the toilet

Sonja Says:

May 1st, 2009 at 9:05 pm
...And no, frankly it is NOT your business where they live, what/how they earn money and what handouts they get from the government. They are doing these kids the kind of favour that most people wouldn't DREAM of doing for a child, and that in itself makes them practically saints in my eyes. Good on them for doing it.

So sonja why is it any of YOUR business if a newly created single mother gets assistance after leaving an abusive relationship? Oh yeah because there "could be" a dad out there somewhere and who cares if he was the reason this poor single mother is asking for help and is now single. he has rights damn it and we ust at all costs ensure those rights are adhered to. (end my OWN sarcasm)....

As far as GG mentioning another postsre's family member adopting otherwise "unadoptable" chidlren, those parents now get assiatnce for life in caring for those children. If one of those children is never able to work, the parents receive government handouts FOREVER. I am glad that someone has taken on a job nobody else appears to want, but they should do so if they can afford it. I am sure that the govt. programs helped solidify their decision. Plus you get more as an adoptive parent if a child is deemed unadoptable.

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