May 28, 2009

Men raising girls or women raising boys?

SerenityNow Says:

May 27th, 2009 at 5:00 pm
"I think how much crazier it is for a man raising girls alone."

Really? Please tell me why, Barbara. Why do you think it would be crazy for me to raise my daughters alone? I think it's far, far crazier for a women to be raising boys alone, and the data supports this. The problems associated with children raised by single mothers are not seen to anywhere near the same extent in children raised by single fathers. It's attitudes such as yours that fuels the bigotry fathers experience in "family" court.

I think what Barbara was trying to state is that each scenario is faced with its own set of challenges. Each set is different and neither set is "more" difficult. You speak many times of feminists being the crazy ones, I think this is a little pot calling the kettle black. But that is my two cents and everyone has their own opinion.

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