May 13, 2009

Must not disappoint Stan the Man :-)

Imagine my surprise when calling into a fathers rights phone-online radio show. And the things I heard will simply amaze you. This will be a rather long post so bear with me please :-) I could not catch the names very well as apparently these guys do not know how to speak into a phone (so forgive any errors). But the written word is not mistaken. And what words do suddenly appear before my eyes straight from this show?

the term "bitch" is a slang term used on the street or in informal settings to indicate a female.. but the term itself, on THIS SITE, is being used in a TRAINING CONTEXT because we are a professional bitch retraining organization..

women are supposed to be the missing puzzle pieces that FIT into men BY DESIGN..

Are we also supposed to do whatever he says he wants us to do? Hmmmmm

men are supposed to be leaders.. men are supposed to be in charge.. men are smarter than women.. men are more capable than women.. men are more competent than women.. men are stronger than women..

men are obviously more capable than women. and yet what do we see on TV and in the media today? bumbling, oafish, incompetent men being outwitted and out-accomplished by women.. this is not only against nature, it's against REALITY..

This is what they intend to do with their "training":

1. meet the sexual needs of men.
2. retrain women to respond to the expectations and needs of men.
3. retrain women to grow up and act like adults who respond according to principle rather than temporary emotional or childish impulses.
4. level the playing field in all areas (work, relationships, legal system, etc.) for all men in general.
5. produce relationships based upon a MAN'S TERMS/EXPECTATIONS.

Their "methods":

1. the man should be in charge and lead the interaction.

2. men should demand that their needs and expectations be met.

3. men should maintain an attitude of self-respect-- you are worth just as much as any woman. you do not need to pay for their presence (ie. buy drinks, dinners, etc.)

4. learn to say NO to women. do not SPOIL a woman or she will become a SPOILED bitch.

5. make sure women RECIPROCATE your effort/attention/time/money/etc. whatever you invest. make sure you get a RETURN ON INVESTMENT, otherwise stop investing IMMEDIATELY.

6. keep women under your authority.

I cannot even comment on this rubbish. Biggest reason for no comment is this is not rated XXX and sadly if I let MY thoughts run wild, it will quickly become XXX. So readers chime in for me.


Cold North Wind said...

Sounds straight out of a text of white supremicists group-or a religious cult-
That means- all their mothers were- as they say they WISH women would be- so- gene wise- if they get half of a stupid childish bitch's genes- does that make them only- half-demented ? Methinks they got a lot more trhan 50% of the stupid childish bitches' genes - - -
I guess it is a good thing to have "free" expression of spoeech- maybe it helps keep- the lid on-.Most men (I belive) would be ashamed that whoever said these things- belongs to their gender - -

Cold North Wind said...

At least they didn't list that a woman must respect them ! Guess they have enough collective neurons to recognize that respect is earned and given if due- never coerced.Come to think of it- real leaders and real men receive respect- they never have to resort to these- what euphemism did they use ? oh yes- "training" My money is on the Dog Whisperer- he knows how to work with an animal and gain respect.These guys should watch that show - -

Anonymous said...

Here comes a 4chan reference; LOL WUT.

It doesn't sound like this man wants a wife but a glorified slave. I want to type more but it would just be a profanity laced screed.

Rj said...

Is this for real?