May 4, 2009

WARNING!!!!! Stay away from Amy Alkon online!!!!

JeanB Says:

May 4th, 2009 at 3:23 pm
Since I read Amy every week I already saw this, and posted a comment under it on the OC site. I had to add an initial, to register you must use at least 6 characters for your user name. So on there I am "JeanLB".

I will also remind everyone that if Amy does not have a large enough following the paper is going to drop her. We don't want that to happen. They are using IP's to track her traffic so make sure to read her column every week!!

Okay so now we know how to make sure she gets dropped from more online publications!!! We just do not go read her stories, and we tell everyone we know to stay away from her stories. Her readership goes down, newspapers drop her and wala, we do not have to worry about her spewing FR/MRA garbage much longer!!! Wheeeeeeee problem solved!!!!

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