June 2, 2009

pclem@xxxx.com - A man of MANY words

Clements watched through the windshield of his Ford Escort as XXXXXXXX entered the house, gave Clements' ex-wife's boyfriend a friendly kiss hello and went off to her room to get the Nintendo.
When XXXXXXX climbed back into the car, Clements was silent.
Then he turned toward her.
"I was hurt," he said. "You never want to hug me, your father, and here you'd go inside and kiss a perfect stranger.."
XXXXXXX didn't say anything.
She just stared.

Now Paulie are you not engaging in what you men are so fond of throwing into the fray - PAS aka Parental Alienation Syndrome? Shouldn't your child be allowed to form bonds with whomever she chooses? Or are you still trying to CONTROL everything like you did when she was a baby?

Lots of things bother Clements.
Like the older XXXXX is, the less happy she seems to be about giving up weekends to spend time with him.

Paulie this usually happens when children get older especially when they hit their teen years. My own niece and nephew begged to come to my house when they were 6, 7, 8, 9 years old. They are now teens and aunt is the furthest thing from their mind (generally, although they still like to visit - just not as much). The same holds true for all children. They NEED to form their own relationships with others, they NEED to make friends and socialize.

The lawyers -- there's a subject that really makes him mad. Clements has had four lawyers, he says. One even "turned feminist" on him, as he puts it, and tried to persuade him to give his ex-wife $5,000 -- money that Clements says was rightfully his.
Eventually, he says, he got rid of all his lawyers and went pro se, representing himself, drawing up the complaints and motions on his typewriter.
In the past three years alone, he estimates, he has been in court six times, just on visitation and vacation issues.. In total, he has probably been there 24 times.

Ahhhhh now we come to the truth of the matter. It is really the money now isn't it Paulie? All that child support you have to pay from those many and now non-existent jobs you have held and you are having to give to your ex to care for your child, that is what really angers you isn't it Paulie? Oh and lets not forget keeping that CONTROL you crave so desperately.

He also says that he deserves split custody, even though he's not working. "I'm looking, OK? And I need to have that made clear. Because if someone picks up this article and reads that I'm deliberately avoiding work, I could be prosecuted. But I'm probably not looking as hard as I could if I had custody."

And Paulie why do you "deserve" split custody? By your own admission here you are not looking as hard for a job as you should and could get in some sort of peril in fact for even admitting this? So is it really about your child or is about your precious wallet Paulie?

"There are no government grants at this point given to men's groups," he complains.

One only need do a search and you will find a fatherhood website (several in fact) and many of these deny services to non-custodial mothers. And when the abuse a woman receives abates, the shelters must give her less services in order to provide for the never ending stream of newly abused. These shelters are also understaffed, many times relying on volunteers in order to perform every day services. This does not fly Paulie....

As XXXXX grew, Clements remembers casting himself in the role of her protector, her educator. He remembers that when it was bath time, he was the only one who was allowed to wash her hair because he alone knew how to keep soap out of her eyes.

I am sorry but can we say CONTROL here? Really nothing more needs to be said...

It is hard to say precisely when things started falling apart in the Clements marriage. Eight years later, Paul Clements is still sorting it out. OK, he says. There was no money.
He had held a variety of jobs -- taxi driver, newspaper carrier, a $6.95- per-hour junior scheduler at a Worcester factory, a $19,000-a-year job in inventory analysis and control. But none of the jobs worked out. Clements says it wasn't his fault.
XXXXXX says that he quit some of them.
"He couldn't ever support us," she complains, adding that she was forced to work three jobs, while Clements stayed home with XXXXXXXX.

Paulie, you do not understand why she left you? Can you say irresponsible because you could not keep a job even though you had a child to support (plus you took on two additional children)? Can we say CONTROL because you were the only one who cold do anything right as far as the child was concerned? Petunia could say quite a bit more but she would hold her tongue.

Clements moved back in with his father, a factory machine repairman and assembly worker, and his mother, who worked in a doll plant.

So typical of the MRA/FR - move back with mommy and daddy so YOU can look like the victim. Do it also so you can avoid RESPONSIBILITY. Do you get mommy and daddy to pay your child support when you quit or get laid off from yet another job?

Clements was ordered to pay $40 a week -- an amount that he says was later upped to $76 a week -- when the state's child support guidelines took effect.

40 dollars a week that was then changed to 76 a week? This is hardly enough to pay for child care in today's world - let alone a child's share of housing and food. You are such a victim here Paulie.

When XXXXX turned 11, Clements lost yet another job -- this one a roughly $200-a-week assistant shipper/receiver job at a local factory, he says -- and he wasn't able to continue paying child support.

And Paulie, what did you do to lose this job? And how many are we up to now? (rolls eyes)

Clements was notified about the change in visitation by mail. After reading the letter from the Worcester County Court, he says, he poured himself a whiskey. He had a second. He drank half a bottle but couldn't get drunk.
He went down to his basement intending to clean it up, and started heaving two-by-fours. His anger was building.

Now we are starting to see some more of the truth. Could it be the judge in your case Paulie sees your potential for anger? How much would it take for you to go from throwing around 2 by 4's to throwing around your ex or your child if they do something to anger you?

There is much more but I think Petunia has shown you enough to form your own opinion. Paulie is a typical FR/MRA. (now let me screw my eyes up and get red in the face and start huffing so I can play the part)

WHAT?!?!?!? You mean I actually have to be responsible and pay for my child? I cannot let someone else do this? Well I want custody then. I will take my child away from everything she knows and let her be raised by my elderly parents. That is clearly much better than having her grow up with her half siblings and mother in a somewhat "normal" family. You say this will not happen. Well then I will show you, I will quit jobs, I will NOT pay any child support. I will mooch off of my parents as long as they both live. You see I AM THE MAN. And because I AM THE MAN and because I AM A MAN period, you should all bow down and realize what a marvelous creature I am

(removing fr mask now) Okay folks how was that? Pretty darn straight on the money - am I right or am I right?

Have fun with this one readers.


Trotting Out the Pigs of Australia said...

How did he get that big desk that he's sitting at in the mobile home that he lives in because he chooses not to work?

Anonymous said...

Paul Clements=FAIL. Haha! I wish had something more meaningful to add but reading commentary from MRAs turns my brain to mush :P