June 28, 2009

My daily amusements (yes that is plural - there is more than one)

This will be a short post :-) You my gentle readers must be wondering - Petunia is amused? Why, we never knew pigs could be amused.... Before I go further, I must make sure that I utilize correct spelling and my use of the "English alphabet" is also correct. You see in my haste I hav made many spelling errors and typos or so it has been called to my attention as such. I rightly don't care one way or the other if my spelling is right. I manage to get my point across well enough to ensure that father's rights nutjobs visit my website daily (and you "men" - cough snort gag puke - know who you are) understand what I am typing. This is just another way to minimize women using my website to do so.

With that out of the way...now on to Petunia's amusements :-) Attila, poor poor Attila....He certainly has it bad for me. He visits here several times a day. His searches for himself nearly topped the list of search terms (the TWAT Bob hero is now higher), and he certainly is paranoidal about the BADASS blogger team. And yes Attila, it is a TEAM of bloggers. TEAM as in moe than one person. And we number more two or three also. We have satirical blogs, in your face blogs, factual blogs, and editorial blogs. We are everywhere. In fact look in the face of the next woman you see walking down the street. Think she is not a BADASS? Think again....she could very well be one of us. She could be one of our many visitors. Or she just might be a woman who has no idea BADASS even exists... You will never know. But I have you pondering that situation, don't I?

Get ready Fellow BADASSes!!!!

Attila, as I promised Quentin0352, I will post on YOU later. Now when that later will be, only time will tell....

And hello Quentin0352....I should send Attila to your posts. He is so set on showing how awful my usage of the "English alphabet" is, I am sure he would be just as distraught with your spelling errors and typos. Probably not, but one can hope can't they?

Now I must know (not that you will tell me) why you continue to lie to your fellow "men" (cough snort gag puke) on Stand Your Ground? You made one post on my blog. Not that I care, I generally tire easily of you MRA types. But why lie? I HAVE done research on your issues. All in good time, Quentie, all in good time....

So there you have it my faithful followers. Daily amusement of Petunia......

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