June 28, 2009

Children do not sue - only adults do on their behalf?

Attila L. Vinczer Says:

June 26th, 2009 at 9:37 am
A 12 year old girl does not sue, an adult does in their name. In divorce adults, and it seem women are the primary culprits, will stoop to any level and utilize any angle in court and otherwise to achieve their selfish objectives. This was true with the Canadian father who was sued in Quebec and this one in this case. It is women driving this stupidity that are hurting children and others, but that means little to some incredulously vindictive women with spite as potent as cyanide! Very dangerous! Very poisonous!


Attila, Attila, Attila - how misinformed you are.... Children can and do sue for many things. Do you recall one huge example of this is the child in Florida who sued both of his birth parents for divorce. Daddy realized this was the best thing for child after years of fighting over this issue, helping bio-mom continue this on. Even after bio-dad's rights were termintaed, he continued to help bio-mom. This was a child abused by both bio-mom and bio-dad. Child had been in foster care for many years and all he wanted was a chance to live as the legal natural child of his foster parents. He was the one to sue, the foster parents were not.

So yes children can and do sue, Attila.

Thanks again for speaking about something which you obviously know very little, so I can again feature you here, and so you can flock to my site even more. I sure do enjopy seeing you pop up on my visitor list :-)

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