June 21, 2009

Just a thought on corruption

Father;s rights activists claim they are targetted by vindictive ex-wives, they claim the courts are corrupt (they are just not in the way these men say), they claim women are more violent than men. They "CLAIM" a bunch of things. But thanks to a very dear friend of mine, I have come to see the light. Both groups (protective mothers and father's rights activists) claim corruption. When these FR's steal custody away from fit and protective mothers, when they batter and abuse these moms and children, where is the voice for the4se victims? When the ultimate judge sees these men, women, and chidlren, there will be no corruption and no federal funding, and no ability to bribe the judge. Sorry dads (and I use that term loosely), you will eventually face the music. Don't know whether you will like what this judge has to say. I am sure you will be sitting with ol' Slewfoot complaining to him about the corruption of that judge also. Wonder if there are any computers and high speed internet coffee bars so you can create a blog from there?

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