June 28, 2009

Men only and women only colleges

john Says:

June 24th, 2009 at 7:20 pm
men are at the back of the bus......hey why do women have 30 women only colleges and men have 3...is that fair?

How quickly john forgets that only a few short decades ago, all colleges were men only and women were NOT allowed to attend, even if they paid up completely.


Bob said...

You seem to be as stupid as you are fat, and you are as fat as you are ugly.

There have always been WOMEN ONLY colleges even when there were also men only. Ask Hitllary where she went to college. Before WWII, women were the majority of college graduates. There was a temporary increase in the number of men after WWII, but that has gone away.

Today there are still many WOMEN ONLY colleges but no men only colleges. There is a whole association of WOMEN ONLY colleges in the US.

Nonetheless, you are so stupid that you believe the crap you spew. Ugly, fat, and stupid. The SOW you use for your avatar is very appropriate.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Poor poor bobbie. You must be so deprived and have nothing in your small pitiful mind to write about on your blog. What? Have there been no police murders so you can spew more hatred about blue gun thugs? Or no women getting sentencing discounts? Or joy of joys, are you finally bored with exposing yourself (and I mean that literally). Poor poor bobbie, I know what is being said on SNS (or whatever initials you use for that borderline pedo group). Warning your fellow exposists about me? Tsk tsk tsk.......