June 28, 2009

Truth is shown in their own words (or if you have money and deny that money to your ex-wife you can torture her)

John Boy Says:

June 24th, 2009 at 7:46 pm
I am lucky in that I had enough money during both of my daughter's custody evaluations that I could afford to pick an evaluator. As was explained to me by both of the attorneys I hired that if my ex-wife and I could not agree to an evaluator or did not have the scratch to get a good one that we would be subject to the luck of the draw.

In my situation, my wife was / and again is accusing me of false DV. The last thing I wanted was a quack or closet feminist who would automatically assume that I must be either guilty or worse, a man (unfortunately that is the same to some people). During all three legal bouts I have had, we always look for the most competent and respected evaluators or MFT types for a couple of reasons. First, we want someone who has seen enough cases to see through the ruse. Second, we want someone whos opinion will carry alot of weight in front of a judge.

The first custody evaluation when badly for my ex-wife and so I got to keep custody. Unfortunately, that did not seem to stop her. Robert, you are right to say that these people are surrogate parrents. God help you if you get a lousy one.

You see where John Boy went into this prepared. His lawyer used the tricks of the court whores and told John Boy to hire a GAL/Evaluator and of course I am sure that good lawyer that he was, he had many father friendly evaluators lined up with their hands out. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!! Show me the money. John Boy did and was able to get out of an abuse allegation.

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