June 22, 2009

Senator Bayh calling YOU out

Petunia gets very unhappy when she hears of someone ignoring abused mothers and children. She gets really angry when she hears Senators who should be thinking of ALL people, not just the fathers.


Senator Bayh, maybe if you did something about all the violent men, you would find less divorce, fewer cingle mothers, and more dads doing the responsible thing.

So, Senator Bayh, my challenge to you is this - start listening to the pleas of the abused women and children. We are out there and we are shouting. YOU ARE IGNORING US!!!! Listen to us for a moment..... The chidlren who will care for you and I tomorrow in our old age are depending on you to do the right thing for abused women and children.....

PS Senator Bayh, where was your Mother's Day message? Oh yeah that's right!!!! You never created one. I guess you are showing YOUR true colors where womena nd mothers are concerned (cough gag puke). I hope the Hoosiers you speak so fondly of decide to send you back home with your tail between your leg. READERS IN INDIANA - DO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT RE-ELECT SENATOR BAYH!!!!!

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