June 2, 2009

More From TWAT Bob

Recognize the husband and father's traditional role as head of the household. End all forms of government interference, criticism, review, and police or judicial oversight of a husband's decisions regarding his wife, children and household.

Bob demands that he be allowed to tell his wife and children what to do and they must do it - no matter what. After all he is the man. Did you do the "man" exercise from my last post? Still not buying this snake oil? Well then I guess you are not learning quick enough for TWAT Bob and you must be punished. Much like the blue gun thugs he speaks of frequently in his loon ramblings. And just look at TWAT Bob's words - HIS wife, HIS children, HIS household. And since he did not say this - I will add it - I am sure it is not far behind. It is also HIS car, HIS house, HIS money (even if the wife works also - what is his is his and what is hers is his).

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