June 28, 2009

Offended_dad - you mean you will act normal and continue your hatred?

Offended_Dad Says:

June 26th, 2009 at 3:01 pm
Not only should she avoid punishment for murder, but she should be getting stimulus money as well!

I'm glad she's out - let's make a spectacle of it, "Onion"-style. Hell, I'll bet if we started a campaign promoting it (women have no responsibility when they murder), we can demand it as necessary to teh patriarchy, and that women *should* be treated like retards and imbecilles by the court system. Hopefully, in some perverse way, because MRA's are promoting some actual sexism, they'll campaign for some actual equality.

So what will be different OD? You MRA's already believe this and say this every chance you get, so what will be different? Oh I get it, you will now do it in complete mainstream media...... I see how it is. Well how 'bout I start? You moniker is Offended_Dad or OD for short? How about I start calling you OBSCENE_DAD?

Oh but I digress, that is not allowed becuase that is man-hate..... Woman-hate on the other hand is completely acceptable.

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Cold North Wind said...

I don't understand why these - these- ummm- these- males, don't pour their energies into just finding a sheople-of the female type. Someone they can be master to.A slave- then they would be happy .Wouldn't they / Don't they realize you will never get a great amorphous blob of humanity that all are the same ? amoebas ? These are not happy well adjusted beings ! Imagine spending your life spewing hate and general nonsense.