June 21, 2009

Shat Turd Men are upset over walk a mile

It is too bad you did not live in the deep South in the United States in the 1950's. You could have had a "Walk a mile in their sheets" to combat all the violence Blacks did to Whites. Then we could have used all the money collected from it to buy more rope to lynch more Blacks.

This is essentially what it is like for thousands of your readers reading this today. These readers are those in abusive relationships and who are denied the very services this walk raises money for. They are denied these services because they are.....MALE.

There is an enormous amount of unbiased research throughout the Free World that shows men are abused as often as are women in domestic settings but they can get no help. Of course we have "intimate partner abuse" to mask the fact that often this type of abuse is women beating men. But....(be very quite) we sure do not want anyone to know that do we...lets make men feel guilty for assaulting their female partners fist with their face.

Unbiased evidence is available upon request.

This is in response to this article:

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes in Bowman

BOWMANVILLE -- Gentlemen, it's not too late to don your favourite pair of women's shoes and take to the streets.

The first-ever Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event, to raise awareness about violence against women, is set for Saturday in downtown Bowmanville, as part of the Fabulous Fifties Festival.

The event is organized by Bowmanville' s Bethesda House, a women's shelter and outreach centre. The organization paired with a similar group in Northumberland and ordered a number of pairs of ruby-red stilettos, specially sized for men's feet, to be worn during events in both areas.

But, stilettos aren't a requirement of entry: participants may wear low heels or even women's slippers, or even carry a pair of women's shoes during the walk, said Bethesda executive director Jaki MacKinnon.

Northumberland' s recent event brought out 45 walkers and raised $20,000. Already, 76 walkers have signed up to participate in Bowmanville.

Registrations will still be accepted the day of the event, and some shoes will be available for rental, at a cost of $10.

"The only downside to not calling us in advance to register is if the walker needs to rent shoes from us," Ms. MacKinnon said. "If they don't call us to reserve the size they need before that morning, we may not have their size left."

Sign-in runs from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the west end of Bowmanville' s downtown, at King and Scugog streets. The walk runs from there to Durham MPP John O'Toole's office at 75 King St. E.

And this is his whiny ass drivel to all the other poor poor (cough gag snort) abused men on his group:


What? Raising money from the public for the shelter industry using figures from manipulated and false data on Fathers Day Weekend? What a Slap in the Face for Fathers everywhere. Especially the falsely accused ones and the ones in jail as a result of same ! Outrageous !

Wah wah wah, cry me a river so I can build you a bridge.....Or should I send the world's smallest violin to you that is pre-programmed to play "My Heart Bleeds For You", or would you like some cheese with that? (I was told they outgrow the temper tantrums, guess I was told wrong).....

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Cold North Wind said...

Totally useless information- (mine)
Shat=pasr tense of the old english word "shit" .Turd=what he shat.