June 21, 2009

Woman on woman violence is okay in FR activist's eyes

Father's rights activists say women are more violent than men. It appears that in THIS situation they are correct:
Oh Steve, I dont know how I can saY THAnk you (I wish I had other words. ou are a good man. Worrying over Sean was bad enpough bujt now I hazve my husbancd to worry of. Had an accident in Wisc last Friday spent 4 days there and now he is home in a hospital in La Grange, very serious. I write to Sean every day. I love my adopted son more then my life. If I ever met Gloria, I woul;d wring her neck, well time for bed. Love you Nannette

I guess it is okay for NANNETTE CARLSON to threaten violence against another woman. But she is a father's rights activist, so it stands to reason she would be violent as it has been proven that most FR activists are violent or have some sort of violent history. Why else would their ex-wives be seeking restraining orders against them?

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