June 20, 2009

Mother's Day/Father's Day History continued....

Many father's rights activists will complain and say they do not get the recognitiojn they deserve as "wonderful" (cough gag snort) fathers. In my research of both Mother's Day and Father's Day histories, Mother's Day was created as a formal holiday AFTER Father's Day. So it seems to me that these fathers were thought of before mothers. Petunia thinks the only thing that will make FR's happy is a permanent removal of these mothers and women they detest so badly from everyone's life. Too bad guys, you failed when you abused us so badly, we thought we might die, but we are tougher than you thought. And now we are away from you and we will get even stronger. To all GOOD mothers and to all GOOD fathers, be wise and strong for your children. They are our future. For those parents of less than stellar reputation - GROW THE HELL UP!!!!!

Enjoy my next post on Father's Day and as explained in that post, I will see you bright and early Monday morning. Have a great weekend all!!!

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