January 3, 2009

More porky and he can't even be creative enough to think of something that hasn't been done yet

Well I am sure he will claim - oh this is a calendar and Sacks targeted the shirts, but whatever. He seems to forget that women (and subsequently young girls) are targeted by men's 'pin-up' calendars and have been so targeted since the beginning of time. While this calendar is obviously something that shouldn't exist (the boy calendar), women and females have been targeted for many decades by the pin-up calendar. Why are these still around? Why is there no whining and crying about females being victimized by pin-up calendars by the MRA?

I can tell ya why - don't take a rocket scientist either :-)

Men 'LIKE' the pin-up calendars - they get their jollies looking at naked or subservient females, so these calendars will NEVER go away. And indeed, if we look at the pro-rated portion of male bashing or victimizing calendars versus the portion of female victimizing calendars - we would see that females are the victims of this at an extremely higher rate than males. And sadly, nobody will say a dam word about female victims - good ol boy's club at work there folks.

See this link (click here) for more info on female degrading calendars. These are more than just 'naked women' though. These are pure abuse in its finest form. WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!! Extreme photos - not meant for work environment. Not meant for viewing around children either.

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