January 10, 2009

More on Collins

I should add that one of Glenn's ever faithful followers made a comments regarding the picture Jennifer Collins chose to post on her blog when speaking of Glenn. Now Glenn has posted about some obscure band (OTEP) and used a picture to post about this band. Take a look at the picture of the female lead singer. She is scowling (growling), eyes shut tight, teeth clenched, unkempt. Now I am sure Glenn as well as myself knows that image is everything. He is trying to present OTEP as some psychotic individual.

Again I do not agree with the music, but to take someones choice to listen to this away would be taking away my right to choose what I hear. I remember my mother hating my music choices (Guns and Roses, The GoGo's, Lita Ford, Blondie, and more from that famous decade - lol). I also remember when she finally 'got it' and decided that we really weren't listening to music that was all that bad. She remembered listening to the Beatles in her youth and young adulthood. She wasn't one of the crazy Beatle-mania followers, she simply liked their music.

Now my children and nieces and nephews listen to Britney wailing out Womanizer, If I were a Boy, Get the party started, Girlfriend, Promiscuous Boy, and Milkshake by others I could very well do the same as my parents and their parents before them. Or I could listen to these songs and determine why I deem them offensive and then maybe they won't be so offensive. I also feel that if I am open to my children (as evidenced by my nieces and nephews), I will be sought out.

Same goes for my young child who loves Hannah Montana. Dad hates that little blond hussy (as he calls her) and refuses to allow her to see HM. I on the other hand will watch with her. HM while I do not think she is more for the younger girls - she is not bad and quite entertaining at times. I mean does anybody recall sneaking out of your house to go to the movies or to hang out with your friends?

The point of this whole conversation however, is to show that cultist from over there are so gleeful to point out Ms. Collins evil doings and wrongs committed towards GS, he (GS) does the exact same thing towards OTEP.

OTEP keep making your music. I will NOT buy it, I hope my children will never buy it, but there are those that like it and in those people you have a following. Freedom to express ourselves is wonderful isn't it?

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