January 13, 2009

More minimumization by an abuser?

Even if this Court disregards Mrs. XXX mental instability, the only portions of the State’s petition which her testimony could even remotely be considered to support are the State’s allegations that Mr. XXX had hit Mrs. XXX and left bruises on her, that Mr. XXX hit one of the children with his cane in either June or July of 2004, and that Mr. XXX had used hot sauce as a punishment upon two of the children.


The next witness called by the State was XXX XXX, the father of the minor children. Mr. XXX consistently denied all of the allegations contained within the petition, other than the hot sauce punishment. As to the hot sauce punishment, Mr. XXX submitted into evidence a parenting book wherein the hot sauce punishment is recommended. Whether this Court or any other may be morally opposed to said punishment is irrelevant, to adjudicate children deprived because someone followed the recommendations of a nationally published parenting book is improper.


The next witness called was the paternal aunt of the children, XXX XXX. According to Ms. XXX testimony, she and her brother are estranged. There is even a protective order in place between them. Accordingly, it seems clear that Ms. XXX would say or do anything to sully the character of Mr. XXX. Accordingly, her testimony should not be considered “competent” evidence.

Now, one must ask, is this indeed another abuser out to minimize his own actions? Or is he another one of the lunatic fringe MRA/FRs who feels he was justified? By his own words he feels he was justified in using a hot sauce punishment on at least 2 of his own children. Now in this blogger's opinion, that is tantamount to abuse of the worst kind. Imagine the horror about being given something by your parent, someone you trust, only to suffer the horrid taste and possible effects of hot sauce poisoning? One must also wonder what book TELLS a parent to torture their child with hot sauce?

One must also wonder why his sister is so dead set against him? Could it be she is one of those who find abuse morally repugnant and find those who would commit such evil acts morally bankrupt?


A quick web search has revealed that Focus on the Family might very well be the author of this questionable activity of using Hot Sauce as a disciplinary method on a child.

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