January 4, 2009

Speaking of calendars.......

In my post here, I discuss porky's 'exposure' of the Boys Are Stupid calendars. I then make one last journey to "THE" site and lo and behold what do my wondering eyes reveal? Click Petunia to read on!!!! (No comments as of January 4th 1:00 AM CST) We WILL however be following this post :-)

Tomorrow look for updates on the Collins hatred saga, 'MRAs' on Beyonce and her new song and her beliefs, and a new honoree on "The Cult" - Mike from Canada. He is truly fun to read (SARCASM again!!!) and I will have some fun with him. I also have some more MRA emails to print (one is actually good news for moms) and the other is more attempts by men to minimize women. Until tomorrow good night and happy reading.

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