January 6, 2009

Name our pig

Okay I love the name Petunia but it is so.....I don't know.....ordinary. I want a name that will exemplify our work bringing the true nature of MRA/FRs to light. So here is my challenge to you - the reader. Send me your suggestions. I will pick the best 6 or 8 of the suggested names and we will have a poll on this blog. Oh and our piggie has been female from day one - this is not set in stone. If you think of a great 'male' name - send it in!!!! I would prefer to keep her a her lol, but we are pretty flexible here at Glenn's Cult!!! Click Petunia to send in yoru suggestion. Multiple entries allowed :-)


Expose The Truth said...

What about Michael Murphy? We don't know of a bigger pig? Exposing his children and ex wife's details all over the internet and then snivelling how none of it was his fault. Tacky very tacky and he whines like a pig. Whadda ya think?

childrenunderground said...

How About



Mom said...

Oh, it is a male pig...it does say that on the hind quarters....so the only appropriate name I can think of for a male bully pig is "Sluggo"