January 8, 2009

Stan's panties are in a knot

Copied from an email so generously sent to me from a member of an FR group :-)

Poor poor Stan.... He is so upset and has his little panties in a knot because some women (and men) are getting together to have a little conference and discuss some divorce and custody cases that have gone extremely awry. They will be talking to abuse victims (and some of those abuse victims will be talking to the professionals as well) about how abused women can protect themselves and their children. And Stan the Man - good PATRIOT that he is - is all a-blubber and wants it to stop. No more BMCC says Stan.

Stan............. go fly a kite!!!! I could think of some other things to say but seriously would you want me to go there?

I must ask though Stan - have you ever gone to the BMCC? How do you know what they promote? Oh I know - because they protect BATTERED MOTHERS, this means they are anti-dad. Now if I was someone who utilized illicit substannces I would ask Stan for some of that good stuff he be smoking lol. But since I am not one of those illicit substance users, I must simply sit back and nod my head in deisbelief.

HATE FEST, 2009 Dear Friends Activists, Non-Custodial Mothers and Fathers, and Parents Rights Groups and supportive organizations; You will find a roster for this conference of hate, bigotry, and violence toward men,boys, children, and even women at http://www.battered motherscustodyco nference. org/presenters_ 2009.htm

You will not see Errin Prizzey, Wendy McElroy, Stephen Baskerville, Grayson Walker, or any number of the well credentialed Activists, Researchers, and Authors who have any other view than the Feminist sanctioned rabid male hate presented at this conference in a sometimes ohh soo patronizing manner. They will not even receive an invite to attend.

We can soon expect another 'White Paper' from this group claiming 'international outcries' against the rampant battering of only women as if all women were battered and none were batterers.

We can expect the "White Paper' to exhort the police and courts for whom this collection of myths, misstatements, misdirections, and outright lies will target with a goal of hurting and harming men even more with greater loss of due process and more false and groundless arrests for merely being male.

I have never seen any professional conference in my many years that is so wildly and viciously biased and promoting of hate and abuse of all men and boys for the acts of a few men who are outnumbered (overall) by the women who are abusers, batterers, child abusers, and murderers.

Of course the White Paper will not cover the well researched, documented, and peer reviewed studies and findings that cover women's battering of men and children.

There will be no semblance of perspective on just what very minor percentage of households have real violence.

There will be no reporting on the overall numbers of women perpetrators versus overall numbers of men perpetrators when the same definitions of violence are used on both.

The lies, misdirections, myths, misstatements, and outright hate excreted from this conference will do more to harm more women, children, and men than it could ever help.

These 'faux' professional conventions misdirect funding and services into uses and approaches that are ineffective at best and at worst not just perpetuate Domestic Violence but increase it mathematically.

Let us be ready to answer the vomiting of false news reports and diarrhea flow of 'new findings' that are nothing but retreads of the same old lies we have heard and successfully fought before.

Let us be ready to discredit these haters or humanity in their quests for more money, power, and popularity while sacrificing the rest of us to their goddess of Feminism.

Feminism (not parity or equality) is a decadence of a too wealthy society. We are no longer wealthy.

Here are some of the direct programs and affects of Feminist sponsored government programs supported by this Conference:

A large part of our impoverishment as a nation is is the same thing that has impoverished so many men and women, the Feminist Lie and the government funding to present a facade of respectability for Feminist programs such as paying healthy women to not work.

Further, the government then gives theses government sponsored "stay at home moms" day care so they do not have to take care of the children they are ostensibly being paid to stay home and care for (crazy enough for you?).

It gets even more bizarre as the fiscal candle gets burned at both ends and the middle.

And, then we jail impoverished men who are disabled, ill, laid off, etc... for being impoverished, but only if he is a father and divorced. Jailing a man costs between $60,000 and 80,000 per year (Author's Note: The cost to incarcerate a person in prison is generally around 64.64 a day - click here for a chart of breakdown of actual expense categories for 44 states) so we not only pay the mother big bucks to kick the man out of the children's lives, we then pay big bucks to keep Daddy in jail. We jail Daddies who are innocent in a "No Fault" divorce and of nothing more than not being able to keep up with the ridiculous taxes called child support assigned by the courts with no rhyme or reason based in reality. These taxes on NCP Daddies sometimes are greater than their gross earnings.

The child support is awarded in hearings for divorce where in 70 to 95% of the time the man is presented with a divorce filing he doesn't want that tells him he has "No Fault" then continues to take away children, property, money, future income, civil rights, freedom to travel and more. "At Fault" real criminals have more rights and due process.

And, I have not even covered the prognosis for the children of divorce where Dad has been cut out of his children's life in 'No Fault' divorce.

Lets count the resulting rape, pedophilia, murder, substance abuse, prostitution, and child abuse resulting from this Feminist policy of 'kick daddy out the door, ignore the Constitution, give him just the clothes on his back, and tell him "See Ya!" '. Removing Daddy turns the kids into 'Feral Humans'.

Watch this conference for anyone suggesting that maybe the 'No Fault' Daddies should not be divorced or kicked out of children's lives. It will never happen.

This is what Battered Mothers promotes at its conferences.

This is going to all of my lists. I would hope that each and everyone of you does the same.

This conference needs to be exposed for what it is, a symposium promoting hate violence, and bigotry.

Patriot Dad

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