January 3, 2009

Collins family part 2

Continued from below:

PolishKnight Says:

December 30th, 2008 at 1:34 pm
Maybe she was better off with her dad after all...

LisaKS, without even cracking open a single court document and merely looking at this woman's own blog, it's obvious that she suffers from paranoia, craves attention and validation from her mother, and childishly (literally) demonizes those who disagree with her. She continually portrays herself both as a child deserving of unconditional sympathy AND as an adult whose word about events as a child should be unquestioned. Ponder all that as you read on:

Look at the picture drawn by her brother on the web site that portrays a girlfriend of her father as a demon. It's disturbing not for the reason that she is claiming (her father and all those who agree with him are evil!) but rather that the hostility directed at her father is seething rather than reactionary to anything he specifically did. This woman's crime was dating her father and for that she is labeled a monster. This attitude exists to the current day. This woman did NOTHING wrong to deserve such seething hatred!

Glenn's picture is also unflattering. It's grainy and his face is puffy and his hand is shown in a menacing motion. This is an allegory for how she distorts those associated with her father, and opposing her mother, as warped and evil. At the same time, she knows to worship her mother because after seeing what happened to her father for getting on his bad side, it's best to not cross "mommy dearest."

Her blog is vast but from what I went through, all the documented claims of her father's abuse are specious and based upon her emotional interpretation of what he said. If he admitted he was in the same room where an injury occurred, that's a confession of guilt. If he didn't use the exact same words to describe an event years later, that's a sign of him changing his story. She claims to have letters from Glenn's "followers" threatening her (you can almost see the tears as she looks for sympathy) but no examples or even snipets of such. Anyone disagreeing with her is "attacking" her.

One thing is for sure: This is one messed up young woman.

Did you ever think (and I know it is documented in Jennifer's blog - that when she and her brother lived with their father, the significant other to dad (the 'second' and we know all about them....) was abusive in her own right? Oh of course not because all 'seconds' are wonderful. Yeah right.........(rolls eyes)...........

Jennifer could see Glenn in this way - you do not know what is in her head. I myself see a puffy man too....but that is another post ;-)

And why has she not posted the threatening emails? Maybe she wants them to go away!!! I myself receive many hate letters from this site, and they all get that magic button - the one called DELETE!!!!! Same with the 'hate' posts......

Burke Says:

December 30th, 2008 at 2:12 pm
" She claims to have letters from Glenn's "followers" threatening her (you can almost see the tears as she looks for sympathy) but no examples or even snipets of such. Anyone disagreeing with her is "attacking" her.

One thing is for sure: This is one messed up young woman."

I would agree with you here, although horrid abuse may have taken place, there sure seem to be some holes in there. That being said, both kids going to university and taking pyc scares me a little. Someone that unstable hopefully will not be able to play with peoples heads.

Wow Burke - I think you need to bottle that magic long distance, over the Internet ability you have of diagnosing psychiatric/mental illnesses. You could make a fortune for yourself as well as help the whole world by teaching this ability to others. Just like.......wow!!!!!

Burke Says:

December 30th, 2008 at 2:18 pm
.........I didn't even catch that the first time i read the site. I have to admit that I have rolled over a few times and smacked my wife pretty good and she has done it to me too. I actually came close to rolling over with my arm once right after she had nose surgery which would have been incredibly damaging had my arm of landed Elbow to Nose. These transcripts are not an admision of physical abuse at all.

Of course not because you are thinking with the 'victimized male brain'.... To think otherwise and post that on here would be tantamount to being called out as a traitor.......

PolishKnight Says:

December 30th, 2008 at 2:31 pm
Freud would feel proud...

Burke says: "That being said, both kids going to university and taking pyc scares me a little. Someone that unstable hopefully will not be able to play with peoples heads."

PK responds: That PROVES she's crazy. Someone responsible going into that field and playing with someone else's head would be sure to put their own house in order first. This woman's clearly is not.

I remember dating some women psych majors and they generally were the most nuts. One such woman actually got turned on by my ignoring her and being a "bad boy." I stopped playing that game and she lost interest in me quickly.

This woman is going to be carrying our her grudge against her father, and all estranged fathers, on any man unlucky enough to wander into her lair. Then again, since she's gone to such trouble to put all her emotional pain and demons (literally) out for the world to see, that will help these men's attorneys to discredit her. If only all such social workers were so open about their daddy issues!

Nowhere did I see her say she would be working with men. She has, however, stated she wants to be an abuse victim advocate. And yet again - all women who want to work in a field that is deemed to supposedly be a 'male-only' field are nuts - more nuts and sluts theory in action here folks.....

PolishKnight Says:

December 30th, 2008 at 3:13 pm
More Holes than Dunkin' Doughnuts

......Here's what I think: If she was my kid, I'd say good riddance. Yes, I know they're both brainwashed and as children, they are victims, but even as a child I knew the difference between right and wrong. I know plenty of children who did awful, terrible things due to peer pressure but I also know some who grew up and realized they had made a mistake and atoned for it. She's absolutely right: She's a grown woman today but she can't go running back to the playpen and cry she was abused as a child when confronted. Either be an adult OR a child! She had the opportunity to tell the truth as a child and she blew it. She has an opportunity to tell the truth today, and she's still blowing it.


tweesdad Says:

December 30th, 2008 at 3:33 pm
Not much to learn from this case. Even if the father in this case was abusive...

1. that does not invalidate the existence and widespread occurrence of PAS in other cases. Saying that "PAS didn't apply to me, so it must never be true for anyone and therefore is an abuser's strategy" is one heck of an extrapolation.

2. it also does not absolve the mother in this case of "justified" PAS, i.e. continually forcing the kids to relive and recount the horrible things that happened to them as opposed to helping them heal and move on. (Not saying that the mother did that, but the daughter's constant anger and need for validation from everyone including Glenn would be consistent with that).

There doesn't seem to be any value to publicizing this case or having others "investigate" it from the outside, since it would be impossible to draw general conclusions about the system, or about PAS, in either direction.

Well then let's just ignore BMCC and the Stop Family Violence petition AND THE HUNDREDS OF MOMS WHO VISIT SITES REGARDING THIS VERY SCENARIO, daily?

I guess Burke passed on the 'special' skill to tweesdad.......

I agree with the last paragraph. The only purpose to investigate is to lead Jennifer's father to Glenn's site and therefore get another ally to 'the cause.' Oh and let's not forget we want to humiliate Holly as well, that is always fun in the MRA mind.....

Pankaj Says:

December 30th, 2008 at 4:49 pm
Stockholm syndrome causes the victims to side with their abusers. Note that Jennifer is not as much attacking the father, but defending her mother. Hence I think it could be a case of stockholm syndrome happening here. Whatever it is, I sympathize with Jennifer - for one way or the other, she was abused by at least one of her parents - it does not matter which one, it still is sad.

Pankaj is in possession of the wondrous long distance, Internet traveling diagnostic skills as well. One must wonder if this is simply an MRA-based skill or can anyone acquire it?

From porky himself:

Nelson Says:

December 30th, 2008 at 6:21 pm
Whatever the truth is here, there's no doubt that Jennifer is either very dishonest or very irrational- either that or she thinks her readers are complete fools. At her site she posts as evidence for her claims things that actually contradict said claims. For example, she says her dad admitted to breaking her moms nose, yet in the transcript she gives us, he claims he did it, but by accident. Clearly this is not a confession of wrong doing.

Under the heading of "PAS or PAE (Perpetrators’ Abuse Excuse)" she gives transcripts in which a "Susan DeVries – Family Court Services Custody Evaluator:" tells us that "My evaluation of these children strongly indicates to me that there has been interference in the relationship between Mr. Collins and the children…" which of course contradicts her claim that PAS is just an excuse. Also in the transcript offered by Jennifer herself...
"Question: Is there any reason why she (Holy) is not going to continue her children’s alienation from the father?

DeVries: There is certainly no guarantee that that won’t happen." In other words, by saying that it may continue DeVries is implying that it has already happened.

It's a very weird site and if i were a shrink i would say that here is a young woman struggling desperately to believe things which deep down she knows are not true.

Wow porky has the MRA psych skill too!!!!!!! Oh and porky - oh I mean nelson - have you ever heard of the abuser tactic of.......(drum roll) MINIMIZATION? Gee, guess not (L on forehead)......

Anonymous Woman Says:

December 30th, 2008 at 7:44 pm
When we were kids, this nice, quiet lady my father used to work with would give my brother and I very expensive presents at Christmas. Later, I wondered why she did that...she was good friends with my father, but my brother and I didn't know her very well. Turns out she had two sons her ex-husband fled the country with. Much later, my father said the sons' father had brainwashed them to the extent they wanted nothing to do with their mother as adults.
I have no doubt a woman is capable of doing this as well; a father taking off with his kids is automatically viewed as an evil abuser. I don't think it's too much to ask for hardcore proof that this woman was justified in fleeing the country.

Nelson said,
"It's a very weird site and if i were a shrink i would say that here is a young woman struggling desperately to believe things which deep down she knows are not true."

I have to agree, I couldn't nail down anything in her site. She's all over the place. I especially loved the part where she accused Glenn of mobilizing 50,000 readers to discredit the word of an abused child.

This is because when you hear a woman has taken a child or children it is because she is trying to protect them from abuse. When a father takes a child or children it is because he wants to take them away from the mother.

I find it hard to believe about the 50,000 too. God help this world if there are that many of "YOU" out there (speaking to MRAs of course)....

ManCan Says:

December 31st, 2008 at 4:46 am
We need to be very skeptical of abuse claims. We know that feminists and other exploitive individuals and groups love to use them to advance their bizarre agendas and to make money.

Oh feminists also sit back and say to themselves - selves we must find some more poor deranged women and children to claim being abused so we can make tons of money. This is because we are exploitative and bizarre, you know....

PolishKnight Says:

January 2nd, 2009 at 11:16 am
Grow up and support your case

Jennifer Collins asks: "Are you forgetting that I am a 23 year old abuse victim?"

PK answers: No, Jennifer, we haven't forgotten because you _aren't_ a 23 year old abuse victim. You read me right. You're a 23 year old woman who claims to have been abused by your father when you were a child. This alleged abuse happened more than a decade ago but you refer to it as if it was yesterday. If this discussion was only about you, personally, then we could allow room for compassion and handle you with kid gloves. But you seek to use your own personal situation as an example to set public policy which opens you, and your story, up for criticism and debate.

You have now chosen to post a drect comment in Glenn's forum so your not an unwilling participant, at least here. Your claims of abusive emails from "abusive men" due to Glenn's article is a perfect allegory for your situation. Are you exaggerating what happened or do you have something to back it up? Post the worst 2 emails here, with headers and IP addresses, and we'll evaluate what happened. Otherwise, we don't know if you're crying wolf or not.

That's the adult world.

Now Polish Knight is directly 'attacking' Jennifer.... Let me explain something to you PK... Just because she posts on a site does not give other readers the right to attack her based on her comments. You were one of MY main attackers when I was allowed the 'courtesy' (NOT!!!) of posting on Glenn's site. Now that he removed that privilege, I am much happier posting here in my corner. Get a clue and get a life!!!!!

Now that I have finished with my analysis of some pretty sick stuff, I must post something positive. My next post for those waiting will be short, sweet, and to the point. Lisa KS is an awesome blogger (and well liked at my house due to some of her gaming choices lol).


Anonymous said...

Great work on this series! It truly is unbelievable what these nutcases think, and I really feel for Jennifer and her family...

americanchildrenunderground said...

OMG, this is hysterical!

Thank you so much for standing up for me.

I really tried to reason with him, but pfff... he just doesn't make any sense.

Thanks Again,

Glenn's Cult? said...

You are very welcome!!!! I will never go away. he has banned me from his site but as you say pffffff I can make my own website lol.

childrenunderground said...

When I was on a television show with Dr. Joyanna Silberg disputing PAS with Mr. Glenn Sack. I had a box full of documents with me. At that very moment, I could have proven absolutely everything that I have said. Mr. Sacks was not interested.

Shortly thereafter Mr. Sacks published a personal attack against me. He sent out a request to his 50,000 readers asking them to investigate me for coming forward about the abuse that my brother, my mother and I suffered at the hands of my father.

I began receiving frightening e-mails from intimidating men offering/threatening to ‘deprogram’ me and voicing sadistic and criminal acts of what they think should be done to my mother.

Did you see this comment “She broke the law, to jail she must go, with taser blasts guiding the way to her gang rape in the shower.”

Not one person on Glenn Sacks site condemned this person for wishing such despicable violence against a woman.

Glenn Sacks is responsible for allowing such violence against women on his site.

I don’t understand how Glenn Sacks can ignore (perhaps condone) the abuse that children suffered (including a fractured skull to my brother.)

Jennifer Collins