January 28, 2009

Porky porky porky (this is so fun what a DUMAS!!!)

Now I am having some fun in order to prepare for the heartbreak of my next post or two (that really depends on how much I can stomach of the subsequent posting and the thought that must go into it). Porky is so incensed at this site and has decided to create his own 'educational' blog, for those out of the loop. While I found this amusing to say the least, I stumbled upon his site completely by accident. He had been posting as anonymous (one of the many) on this site. He then created his own user id on Google and a 'new' blog.

Well it is not new (now this site here is new lol), it is simply a rehashing of old worn out tired ideas that hopefully will soon be 'Gone With The Wind'. After several posts on his site, he reveals his true identity. He has now revealed that two commenters on Glenn Sacks website are one and the same. If you go look (I don't have time right now as I am formulating my thoughts on my next few posts which are just so much more important than some worthless MRA) you will see 'nelson' and 'Michael Claymore' posting on the same articles written by Sacks. Now one must wonder, does this MRA have a slight case of dual personality? Oh I guess since he is Claymore, nelson, and porky - he can possibly qualify as having multiple personalities.

Now this is interesting and quite amusing :-) One must also wonder if porky aka nelson aka Michael Claymore will say anything about this post? Nah, because to do so would be attracting attention to what he refers to as a feminazi, crazed woman....Hmmm is that what sacks meant by LOONIES?

One other piece of advice MC aka nelson aka porky.... when designing a website, you should really think of all the users on the 'Net, not just yourself. Creating a page that looks good on your huge monitor set at the highest possible resolution will NOT look good on another computer which is set at 800 by 600 resolution (or quite possibly even smaller). Design 101 - go to school dude.....


Have you seen the new porky sty? OMG lol and that is what took him days and weeks to accomplish? That would be a 4 hour project for me. Blogger.com is so wonderful - they make it easy to create an onlilne forum...Why mess with easy when I have so many thoughts running through my brain that must come out? These men are such bozos - I must shout from the rooftops so the world can see.

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