January 5, 2009

OMG!!!! "Is it a crazy idea or the way of the future?"

Click Petunia to read the post. This guy is the epitome of the anti-female, the woman hater of the year award. I want a child, but I cannot be bothered with the little technical issue of....oh you know - meeting different women, getting to know someone, falling in love, getting married, and then having a family. No this is what 'he' wants:

The advantages that I see are:
- very little risk of losing the children (although as some mentioned, the risk still exists)
- no insanely high child support payments to make
- no risk of being thrown in jail for failure to pay CS
- no need to close down my business (the CSA can't deal with individuals who have variable income like small business owners)
- no nagging wife ;)
- clean house
- home cooked meals :)
- over 80% savings over the cost of a western "wife"
- ability to keep dating women in my area without being accused of cheating on anyone!
- possibility to choose an "alpha-female" as egg-donor (basically a very beautiful and smart woman :)
- possibility to choose a relatively young surrogate mother, which lowers the risk of a lot of diseases for the children

Geesh can I gag myself right now? I can generally come up with a real zinger but for this one there are just no words. None at all!!!!!!!!!!

Post number 36

UPDATE: Glenn has changed how his blog displays (seperate post about this) so scroll down to posting made by TOM - I will be publishing post numbers from this point on.

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