January 8, 2009

Bob Batterbee on Female Mutilation

Read on a website BESIDES Wikipedia about Female Genital Cutting by clicking on Petunia (new name coming soon - get those suggestions in!!)

This is adisgusting practice which at best belittles women and at worst ahs killed many. This is often done with NO anesthetic and with no oversight as far as sanitation. This is more patriarchy in action. Many well-known activists have taken a stand against this practice (Alice Walker is one).

When I first heard of this I was vexed as to why something so rare and isolated was being portrayed as a world wide issue. It is not . Just another feminist exaggeration of fact. Below is a link to the definition and below that is a feminist outreach.


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Rj said...

That was about the most ignorant piece of shit comment I've read. Further evidence that they don't give a damn about any issues, just their own selfishness.