January 28, 2009

Stalking an abuse victim and her children through the 'Net and offline

One must wonder what would possess a man who by his own words has an extremely fulfilling and happy home life with two children and a wonderful wife t do this. What do I mean by this? He has endeavored to take on 'proving' Holly Collins and her children wrong. He wants to brand Holly a liar, he wants the world to think she has some strange disease which is not even listed in any medical book as a RECOGNIZED mental disease or condition. What is the mysterious malady of which I am speaking? Why PAS dear readers..... Parental Alienation Syndrome. Apparently Jennifer's father wants people to believe he is a nice guy (more on that later) who has been victimized in the worst possible way. His ex-wife Holly has stolen his children and spirited them away to the Netherlands. And GS has decided it is his mission to prove this woman wrong. He wants to re victimize the victim, as her abuser has done over and over. And this is just Holly, I have yet to start on what he is trying to do to Jennifer and Zachary. It might also be noted that Zachary remains quiet on these issues. Even though he is now an adult and no longer under the jurisdiction of the US court who gave custody of him to his alleged abusive father, he still REFUSED to return to the States. He REFUSED and as far as I know, still REFUSES to speak to his father.

And then we have GS sitting all high and mighty is his nice house in California, being a good little househusband, running his websites, charging men's rights groups 10 a week to run a dinky sized ad in the hopes that one of his cult followers would click on one of those ads. nice little racket going there. Get these already quite possibly unstable men riled up, charge others money to place small banner ads on your site and be able to stay at home with your children. Geesh where do I find a job like that?

Now folks you have a slight background on this (and please Jennifer if you notice any corrections needed on what has been posted to date please email me). It is now nearly 2 am, I must get my beauty sleep, so the fireworks will have to wait until tomorrow. I do promise it will come :-)

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Fighting Back said...

At least you cover yourself by saying 'Alleged abuse' by Mark Collins. However it has been found by a court of law and upheld by the appelate court! Mark Collins is an abuser!