January 17, 2009

More De Nile from a 'victim' MRA

As I mentioned before, Many men's rights and father's rights group have public archives or allow just about anyone on their groups. Many times I get sent these emails from a person or persons absolutely disgusted by the actions of these MRA/FRs. I am sharing one below: (coming soon - have to run to the store) hope you are awaiting this anxiously :-)


I promised this to you almost 2 weeks ago and had to undergo more abuse from my batterer so was unable to post. Circumstances have now changed (as you will see by my subsequent posts) and I am now angry again. Here is the cheese guy from an FR group. (Email forwarded to me - thank you mole!!!)

If you want to see alienation, go to the web site below and put in
XXXXXXX. You will see were my ex has alienated me from my kids by
falsely accusing me of domestic. Falsely accusing my father and at the
same time saying I kept them unsafe and I did not see them for four
months that time. Have records of were I was denied over 200 visit days
from OCT. 2006-oct.2007. My relationship with my children I guess will
have to wait until there older.

Well, my two cents on this situation? If you did not do the crime then you won't do the time. But if a judge felt there was reason for an RO against you, then my advice to you? Stop being abusive.... You might be surprised at how far you would get if you tried actually being.......nice? DUMAS!!!!

UPDATE 2: Any of my faithful followers wants a laugh about this, send me an email and I will send the pertinent info :-) You will see at least 7 or 8 dv cases in which this guy is a party, plus a divorce and a foreclosure. What a prize huh?

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