January 12, 2009

New Projects

My associates and I will be undertaking several new projects over the next few weeks. They will be revealed here as time permit. Although at this point, I do not care what the rabid FR/MRA types say or do. I am in the process of researching the second issue and seeing what the legalities of it would be. I doubt there would be any however. A sneak peek into the first project - I will be scouring the 'Net and finding all those stories of abuse by MEN. Those stories that the anger filled MRA/FRs say do NOT exist. Why do these stories not exist in their eyes? Well because they BELIEVE that women are more violent than men. They in fact have several blogs/sites which show all the abuses perpetrated by women, in a vain attempt to show just how violent women are. I intend to debunk that theory. Once I get the search terms dialed in, expect many stories of physical and sexual violence, and murders. I do not think I will have an issue finding these types of stories as you read them in the paper daily. The second project is under wraps at the moment and will be revealed at a later date. This project however, will have a direct impact on abused women and will help to protect us from those intending harm.

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