January 28, 2009

Okay enough fooling around, now it is serious time

Well the time has come folks and it is now time to get serious. Sadly I knew this day would come. Some people are like dogs. Give them a bone and they will never let go until the bone is in shreds, torn into tiny little slivers. This is now what is being done to Jennifer Collins, Holly Collins, Zachary Collins, and to Holly's minor child whose name I will not mention due to his age. His natural father (from what I have read) can only be classified in the questionable category. What type of father who claims to be interested in a child's best interest wants to root the child up from the only environment he has ever known and from his entire family? I will offer my own opinion on this and it is green and there are quite a few of them and they have pictures of dead presidents on them.

Amazingly we have yet to hear any denials from the now famous father of Jennifer and Zachary. No denials.... nothing.... One must wonder why this is? And of course we have the ever famous (maybe in his mind and the minds of his cult followers) man who has decided to make it his life's mission to rip this mother to shreds as a dog would a good bone. I will say one thing in this post before I get to the hard work. The children in question were 7 and 9 when the mother fled the US. This is old enough to form an opinion about something. To delude yourself into thinking that these children could not have possibly remembered themselves or their mother being abused is quite frankly - in a word - disgusting.

Now folks the posts you have been anxiously awaiting are on the way. This could very well be a several day project, so please be patient. He has pretended to engage in a full investigation of Holly's charges and claims, yet he only presents one side of the issues. I will now take all of his claims and using the Internet will show why his claims and how his claims can be proven false. Also be warned, this post will probably not provide the entertainment value of some of my previous posts. But then again, it just might. This is something I need to do. I feel as though I know Jennifer, although we have never met. I see my own daughter and sons in her eyes and in Zachary's eyes. I see myself in Holly's eyes. I only hope that things can start changing.

Holly, Jennifer, Zachary... this is for you. I can only hope I will do you justice and bring to light the truth. My prayer is that you Holly will see this and say yes yes yes over and over again, this is what I meant, this is what I was talking about. SHE gets it. Well I get it because I live it. So with that my sisters in this war, I salute you. Let's get on with this.


Fighting Back said...

Thank you for standing up for Holly Collins, a battered woman who still has difficulty coming forward.

Zachary was 11 and Jennifer was 9 when they ran away from their father's house and fled the United States with their mother.

They are certainly old enough to remember the abuse.

They were isolated from their mother for 18 months. Surely they would not have run away to their mother if he was such a great guy!

Glenn's Cult? said...

I will do what I can since I am no longer ALLOWED to advocate for myself or children, I will for others so long as my fingers work and I can type a sentence :-)

Keep fighting the good fight!!!!