January 10, 2009

'You have lost a lot of my affection and respect because of your...relationship with your father'

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AnonymousPamphleteer Says:

January 8th, 2009 at 9:09 pm
If using surreptitious video and audio were legal in more states and more contexts, it would showcase nicely how female behavior is so often at great variance from what our courts like to pretend.

And it would be a great way to catch the tiny minority of males who truly are physically abusive.

You mean females who are trying to escape a battering, abusive man? Oh and nicely put again (more perpetuation of the myth) that only a tiny majority of men are physically abusive. What about all the 'controlling' man who are abusive in other ways? Like verbal, psychological, financial, medical? My ex runs the gamut of these. I have proof as well which will be made public in less than a decade, quite possibly sooner if things go HIS way.

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Attila L. Vinczer Says:

January 8th, 2009 at 9:33 pm

Thankfully, although still sad, my boys aged 6 and 8 have figured it out and have even at the age 3 and 5 asked me why is mommy so mean to you daddy? I am having a tough time teaching the children to not hate their mother. I have never said a single bad thing about their mother no matter how much I would sometimes want to explain to the children how and why I feel the way I do about the reason of our divorce which the children inquire about often.

You are right TF. I am lucky to see my kids as I was the subject of a failed false sexual allegation and unbelievably just two weeks before Christmas the ex managed to engage CPS (CAS Children’s Aid Society in Canada) who nearly separated me from my children who were actually taken into their custody for about two hours while CPS blackmailed me into signing an Agreement under duress threatening me that they would place the children into foster care if need be if I did not comply. Big mistake for them as I have irrefutable evidence and will take them to task in court. I did not cave in and I prevailed as the children are with me once again.

The children now hate CPS and their mother even more. I am concerned that I will be accused of turning the children against their mother which I never have and have no intention to do as she did it all to herself.


Quite ironic that 'Atilla' is concerned with PAS being used against him since his children hate their mother. Is this not what the abused moms have been saying all along? And those rare mothers who do manage to keep the child safe from an abuser by retaining primary residential custody, is this not echoed by them as well? I know I say it quite often - the children will hate their father unless he stops abusing me - their mother.

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fish Says:

January 9th, 2009 at 9:05 am
(I should also note I've seen many cases where a noncustodial parent is an ass and claims it's PAS when it's just kids reacting to a controlling and/or abusive jerk).

Why these apologies? Cant there just be a story about a jerk woman? Why does there need to be some sort of admission about men to get people to read the article? Where does this guilt come from?

Why should it be noted? Is it necessary to deface men to get people to read further into an article about women?
Well fish, lets see why this should be mentioned...because men can and do act like jerks. They do abuse women and children. I speak to countless women who have lost custody in court to an abusive man. I retained custody simply because I told the judge what he wanted to hear. If it were up to me, the children's father would only have supervised visits until numerous requirements are met, first and foremost a minimum of 6 months of batterers counseling. Second, he would lose all gained unsupervised time at the first sign of any abuse, whether physical or not. These are the two most important but there are many others. Oh and I should add wah wah wah fish is crying about the poor poor menz and why are womynz even mentioned? It is always the poor poor men who suffer. Yeah okay here is YOUR sign.

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AMan Says:

January 9th, 2009 at 11:04 am
Glenn said: I should also note I've seen many cases where a noncustodial parent is an ass and claims it's PAS when it's just kids reacting to a controlling and/or abusive jerk

I have no issue with this but why when it comes to insulting bad men, both women and men have no issue in demonising men. But when it comes to women, we don't?

I mean the mother in this case is (emotionally) abusive and a total jerk. Judges treat women with kids gloves. If they want equality then they should be dealt in the same fashion men are dealt in the court and media. These women are vile.

Are you referring to all women or just the relative few whom Glenn calls out on his site? Sre you guilty of what you accuse women of - calling all women bad for the few that are profiled in the media?

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Mister-M Says:

January 9th, 2009 at 12:07 pm
Imagine if she was of the public stature of Alec Baldwin. Oh, wait, she's a woman. She wouldn't get vilified like he did.

Baldwin was vilified? What shows are you watching? he has retained his lucrative contract with NBC and in fact they REFUSE to release him from said contract. He was invited on the View and numerous other shows to pander on about PAS. He has written a book about PAS for which he receives royalties. This book has 50,000+ reviews on buy.com. Baldwin is reallllllllly suffering from all of this. Now lets look at the other side of this issue...His child was called vile names by her father in a voice mail message. Her parents have been fighting over her for years. Gee I wonder who is the true victim here? Documented cases of abuse perpetrated by Baldwin abound, none that I have seen about the mother (except on MRA/FR boards) are available. Who is REALLY the victim here?

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Badger Says:

January 9th, 2009 at 2:07 pm
Offended_Dad Says:

Wow, does this mom ever think the world revolves around her, or what?

Not surprising considering the gender. Generalization I know but me thinks far more wimmin believe the world revolves around them than men do.

And what do you call the myriad of men's rights websites (like GS)? What do you call the constant whining of men on this board and others? What do you call the constant attacks any public figure takes when stepping forward and talking about women's rights? What do you call the constant attacks women's rights bloggers take from MRA/FR figures?

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