November 20, 2009

Action alert to protective parents in Arkansas!!!

Please go HERE and read this page. If you are as horrified as I am (no mention of what needs to be done in cases of abuse or dv) then boycott this candidate. Post it to twitter, Facebook, Myspace - GET THE WORD TO ALL ARKANSAS RESIDENTS!!!

UPDATE: I was sent new information by a reader about his website. he now has information about protecting children on his website, but clearly it is still not enough. He MUST protect all victims of abuse (including adult victims) and must protect mothers who have been abused. Lip service is all well and good but not enough is being done to protect women.


Cold North Wind said...

He obviously doesn't know what he is talking about. Yuck.

toranado said...

Cold North Wind, how do you know he doesn't know what he is talking about? Do you know him? Do you know he had a shared parenting plan for 6 years and it was a success? Do you know both of his sons are successful? Do you know he himself grew up in a divorce whose plan was disasterous and he survived? Do you know anything at all?

Glenn's Cult? said...

I simply posted this because he has NOTHING on his website about cases of abuse or domestic violence. And one need only go to to see that Dads can indeed be very dastardly. I would name all of the names on that blog, but seriously, I want to be able to open Christmas presents with my children this year and next. If I were to start typing up all of the names of the dastardly dads right now, I would still be at it NEXT Christmas.

This politician rather than playing to one group, needs to look at the balanced picture. There needs to be protections in place for victims of abuse. ALL VICTIMS. And since men are nearly always larger and more stronger than women. it stands to reason that women are more often the victims of injuries when it comes to an abusive relationship.

Men need their own dv shelters. They do not need to invade the women's shelters. This however is what most MRA's want because they have been alleged to have committed dv, and as such they want to know where their victim is. It kills them not knowing.