November 14, 2009

Child support idiocy and father's rights activists

Well the two go hand in hand let me tell you. First check out what the guy is saying (not highlighted portions). Petunia Commentary to follow...

Laryy Broyer ( says:

I'm curious if anybody has sued thier EX for making false
statements, regarding support payments. My Ex is playing games,
Gonna have to hire a lawyer etc. etc. I've been through so much
crap with this women, and her sneaky underhanded actions, continue
to surprise me.
I've got lock solid proof her accounting practices are far from
reality. There has to be away to teach her a lesson, to never again
temped to manipulate the system for personal gain.
I'm old now, and really just don't want the added stress of dealing
with this stuff anymore. 28 years of constant attacks is enough.
Gonna hire a lawyer, and be done with it. Can't afford it, but
what else can I do. All those years of stress, have taken thier toll.
Recently the company I was working for closed. They always seem to hit
you when your most vulnerable. Then thiers my son, he doesn't need this crap either, can I sue on both of our behalfs.

Larry Broyer

Well doing the math would love for you to point out to me why you have been dealing with this for TWENTY EIGHT (28) years? The longest period of time to be paiyng child support is generally 18-22 years (if you must continue through college). generally though it is 18 years of age. So an extra 10 years on top? Maybe, just maybe Lumpen Larry, it is because you did not pay what you were supposed to pay and she got a judgment for interest. Now you will be paying this for a very long time. Should have saved your self some money and aggravation. A bank would have been cheaper from which to borrow than the state.

Do we have to spell it out for these guys?


larry said...

OK Mister mathematician, ever think the children ages range father then 12 years apart, please put your head back in the sand, see you on the food lines in a few years.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Okay mr larry of the hidden blogger profile (what are you afraid of), have you ever done the math yourself? The only way for you to have any more than 18 years of child support total (or 21 depending on the laws of your state) is if you went back to your ex wife (the one you say is so awful) after your older child aged out. If you had a 17 year old and a newborn, max you would pay would be 18-21 years. Not the 28 like you are saying.

So let me explain this so someone who is not a mathematician can understand it.

You have a child who is say 12, and then you have another child and get divorced as soon as said child is conceived. You would pay support in some states for 18 years (19 if you seperate right when woman discovers pregnancy). So you would pay cs for two children for 6 years (oldest one ages out at 18). You will then have another 12-13 years for the next child until they age out. So that is a total of 18-19 years (which is the actual age of the youngest child). The ONLY way for you to have to pay more than that is if you divorced mom and had a 1 year old, then when that child was 11 you and ex got back together conceived another child and she left you again (or you left her). Then you would have already paid for 10 years and would have another 18 years to go to make it 28. But then YOU GOT BACK WITH HER. So that was YOUR CHOICE!!!

There is no other way unless (and this is the likely scenario) you fell behind in your support payments. Then you would be paying arrears and interest.

I foresee that as the likely scenario because with all the venom you spew towards your ex, I do not picture you getting back together with her for a little rendevouz. Why do I say this? because you are on a father's rights email group. And men who are FR's HATE their ex wives. And unless you are just a sex crazed fool, I cannot see you getting back with your ex wife for sex.

So there you have it. Why don't you explain how it came about that you have been paying child support for 28 years?