November 21, 2009

Presenting only part of something eh?

Russ McNeill, on November 21st, 2009 at 12:18 am Said:
I love how this forum cuts what they don’t like.

Why don;t we get into how some stuff is being completely deleted off of other blogs and forums because someone does not like the username provided? Or lies about email access? I have posted on one such forum using the username of Glenn's Cult, providing my email contact which is clearly present on my blogger profile, and all of my comments were deleted. I never received an email from the blog/forum owner. And I was permamnently banned from posting there. I challenge that bog/forum owner to prove that in the posts where I used the username Glenn's Cult to show where I was abusive to any other poster. I was NOT. This blog/forum owner simply does not want to be challenged in his views. A commenter on my blog stated it so eloquently. They use stats and surveys but they only present half of it or they misinterpret.

So who is only giving "part of something" now?


NYMOM said...

Hi....I saw you posted on my blog about Polish Knight. I've 'known' him for a while now as we used to comment at some of the same mens rights sites, but like you said as soon as they don't like what you say you're banned. So in order to continue the conversation we have only my blog since PK doesn't have one...

It's basically the same situation with Richard.

But if people who disagree with these MRAs don't start their own sites and allow at least some dissenters to participate, we'll never be heard on these issues.

So I go along with the compromise that you current see on my blog.

Anyway thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again at

Glenn's Cult? said...

If these men can be civil to me and not deny me my story and those whose stories I present here then I will let their comments go through.

But in 99% of the posts made by MRA's, they usually either deny my story (say I am lying whatever) or they deny someone else's story (like the Collins children).

So those posts never see the light of day.

Also if they are grossly anti-female and saying things that can be construed to mean women should have no rights, then those comments hit file 13.

Some of these guys are scary and other are just downright imbeciles.

PK is a moderate, not too bad, but not too good either. He has his moments.