November 10, 2009

John Boy pondering and questioning

John Boy Says:

November 10th, 2009 at 1:46 pm
I have often wondered why legal cases like Shockome are so important to gender feminists. There are enough actual DV claims out there that you would think they would focus their energy on something more productive. Why this one?

Well John Boy did you ever think that maybe, just maybe there are cases out there whcih would destroy any claims men had on children? Cases which could show how an abuser does exactly as he feels? Cases which would blow you FR's out of the water? And where are these cases? Well many times the abused woman is forced underground. Or they speak out in the only way they can - anonymously through blogs. Hmmm sound familiar Petunia? Makes you wonder who exactly Petunia is - doesn't it? And exactly what Petunia can do to the MRA movement. Well just keep waiting... You will one day see what Petunia can do

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