November 17, 2009

Mark Godbey writes: Pig Pen Members Continue Online Libel – Craig Hensberger Father Libeled

A clear case of Libel from one of the members of the "pig pen"

" Lorraine Tipton is a concerned and caring mother who has tried for the past
three years to obey a court order even though it meant forcing her daughter to
go and stay with her sexually, and otherwise, abusive father. Michaela (now 11
yrs old) says that she is absolutely terrified of going to her father%u2019s,
that she is not safe with him, and now insists that she simply can and will not
go. Lorraine has spoken with her daughter, but can no longer find it within
herself to force her daughter to willingly accept further abuse. "

From the below link:\

For those who doubt that Parental Alienation Syndrome is a pattern of
denigration of one parent by another, in order to alienate a child from the
other parent, nothing could be more proof than libelous attacks that members of
the "pig pen" cult of followers that attack fathers only, and labels all mother
and children as "battered" and the fathers as "abusive".

Are these "protective parents" ?? No one buys their "victim" status anymore.
Judges know that parents who deny children the right to see the other parent are
the real "abusers."

Well all of us in the "pig pen" cult pooled some money together and we bought you a lifetime supply of (drumroll please....)

We thought you might be able to use this since your probation is clearly at risk of being revoked.

Have a nice day :-)

We forgot to mention one thing, you will have to share this with several others, including the one you "claim" we libeled.


mamaliberty said...

don't drop your soap Godbey...LMAO!!!!!!!!

Cold North Wind said...

It wouls appear that- this- Mr. Godbey ?- is spouting noxious hot air- except- from his mouth- the one on his face. Wrong orifice.