November 14, 2009

A Viewpoint

I can only say don;t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out....Buh Bye!!!!!

Jimmy Lehew ( says:


I wanted to tell you about what happen to me the other day.

As fathers we all know that they DHR, DHS, and ORS is just another form of a Legalization of Gestapo that has taken our children from us, for Money and Power from the Fathers.

But due to the many lies that were told by me by my case worker at ORS and I could never get the truth from them. I call a so call friend of mine that works for the Child Support Service in Salem Oregon .

And due to the point that I will have them paid off here next month and I wanted to see if I could pay the State of Oregon for a case in Missouri , and knowing that my associate has some of the same political view points that I have I call her to get the low down on this.

Well as many of you know that once I pay this off I’m moving to Brazil and will not come back only when my Dad pass on.

But through the conversation something was ask of me about getting my passport release, and I made the remark that yes Jan, 2010 I’m a Brazilian and she ask me why and I went through all the Bullshit that the Courts and Child support services has put my kids through and I had enough of the shit watching the country that I fought for going to hell from Special Interest Groups.

And she laugh and she said that I was the 30th father that had call in saying that once they had there child support paid and they were out of the ream of the Gestapo Hands they were moving to Mexico, Panama, Brazil, and many other places in South America. So I got out the Ol laptop and look up the on Google to see how many men were leaving the USA each year and moving to South America , and do you know what? There is over 300,000 professional men leaving the USA each year for just that reason, and moving to South America . They are tried of the Bullshit and watching their country going to hell for the same reasons.

Have a good one,


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