November 14, 2009

Hate Crime Question and my thoughts on that issue

Well Jimmy my thoughts are you should really really really stay away from the mind altering substances. If you are not imbibing, then I really really really suggest you get some professional help dude. The life you save could be mine!!!!! LMAO :-)


I have a question for you all out there in the Fathers Rights.

Other day I was talking to my Ol’ Buddy Stan, and I ask him this question.

And I will ask it to all of you and see if we come up with the same answers that I got from a lot of folks.

You know we live in the Political World of every type if rights for special interest groups, I mean at times I want to throw up.

You know that the Gays’ and Lesbians’ Groups are demanding rights that are above the Rights of God and once they have those rights they are demanding more and more.

And if you do anything like speak your mind against these special rights then you are none as a Begat, Races, Homophobe, Anti Gay and god knows what else they can come up with.

Well the questions is this: What if a Gay Man goes out and get a Straight Woman pregnant, and she turns him into the Child Support Recovery Services, and they go after this Gay Man, Is that not a Hate Crime? Because they are singling him out for child support and being gay he can’t be held accountable for that.

I mean that Congress has made it where these people are an Endangered Spices and if you do anything against them then you can be held accountable by the Federal Courts. And looking at it this way, is going after them a Hate Crime?

I would like to know what your thoughts are about this.


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