November 14, 2009

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Got to love this bit:

for abusers to get automatic joint custody of their children

Well, she's a feminist so obviously in her mind 'father' and 'abuser' are interchangeable terms.

If I met that woman she would die quickly.

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Lynn said...

About 2 years ago, I visited several MRA and FR sites, such as, glenn sacks, RADAR and a few others, and downloaded a number of their reports. I was going to use them for some University assignments, as I have access to most of the sources they quote through my University Library. After checking the first source and finding it quoted incorrectly, I went through source after source after source, and found each to be lacking in some varying degree in the way it was reported. Each and every single source that I was able to search and access portrayed a different type of conclusion or result than what the MRA's were reporting. In some cases the interpretation was blatant, in others, it was borderline accuracy.

Soon after I stopped visiting the sites as the amount of vitriol, hatred and menacing comments became too distasteful to read.

And they can't even see it themselves. Here's a really good quote I got from a book recently by Stephen M Whitehead, Men and Masculinities, 2002. "men don't see what men are seeing when they see themselves". In the context of a resigned sense of exasperation that will men ever look at their own actions and attitudes and see that they are in fact, perpetuating the behaviour they are denying they have!

This post from the antimisandry forum does not surprise me, but the poster is highly unlikely to even recognise the violence contained within it.