November 11, 2009

Forty percent of MRA's are female?

John D Says:

November 11th, 2009 at 3:26 pm
Thanks Joan for your kind consideration of mens rights.

When I talk about men's rights to family and friends, the first thing I point out is that MRA members are 40% female--if we were all about "extending control of abusive men" how could this be possible.

Maybe you need those 40% so you can play the games liek Terri Stoddard did:

I will update to clickable links in a bit. Early day at work tomorrow and must go jump in the shower. But you get the drift on these posts if you copy and paste. I guess the reason for women being in the MRA movement is for little slave toys (or maybe because the second wives will not get off their butts and get a job and think that the money being paid for child suipport is a waste). It is one or the other. I actually think both.


teriincali said...

All this time you have, yet this is how you spend it? Have you ever thought of using it for good? Try it. You might like it.

Just so you know, that little role-playing game was just the beginning. I've gone on to have wonderful friendships with the people, male and female, in the family rights movement.

I earned their respect. Instead of pretending I'm a slave, they now call me Tremendous Teri, thank me profusely, and often send compliments on my writing and advocacy for left behind parents.

One day you might learn to look for the good in people. Then you'll see it. Until then, you'll just keep seeing bad all around you.

Glad I could entertain you. Now go ahead, do some good.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Yep I got all this time. And I am putting it to good use. I use my time to expose men and women like my ex husband and his new 'trophy' (cough snort) wife who seem to think that a birth mother is unneccessary.

Oh and wait until my next post. You will love it. Shoots the claims of MRA's right out the window - you know those claims that if women would just share the parenting of a child.

So stick around and read it - might open your eyes a little bit since other things have not.

I am not alone in this battle and we are everywhere. There are many of us. So please just watch what you say and where you say it. You never know when it will end up on here :-)

Have a wonderful day.