November 10, 2009

He is going to jail for climbing a crane (mutter under breath about how dense some can be)

If Franklin County Ohio prosecutor Ron O’brien gets his way, two fathers, Donald Tenn and Paul Fisher will be spending the next 18 months in prison with fines yet to be determined, why? For being good, fit, willing fathers, that’s why.....(taken from Smurphy's 'Mike Murphy' blog)

Last I saw they do not take men to court for being good fathers. Good fathers do not ALLEGEDLY beat their wives. Good fathers do not want to take a child away from her mother. Good fathers say okay she said I did this what could I have done, or why does she see it this way? Now on the other hand when someone climbs up on a crane and endangers people's lives (such as the bystanders and police on scene), then they do get arrested and they generally do go to court (as they should). They do NOT go to court for being a good dad.

Petunia's note: I added "ALLEGEDLY" to make some ***** in a ugly purple wig happy. Wwhy don't you go back to playing your sick little mind games with your little FR buddies. Or did they go beyond computer play into real life? Is that why you are no longer a member of that group?

Or is it because you think that a 14 year old can freely molest a child as long as they are related?

How about explaining why when the court hearings are in Ohio, one of these fathers was in Illinois (which just so happens to be where his estranged wife is - the one who alleges he battered her? Now that would make for some interesting reading. We see everything!

And you can jail us, you can humiliate us, you can threaten but we are here to stay. And the more this stupidity continues and the more moms and kids hurt by ALLEGEDLY abusive men, the more society will fight back.

There is my disclaimer...Are you happy now purple haired *****?



teriincali said...

Talk about libel! Neither Tenn nor Fisher have ever abused anyone. Just stop the hate... it's getting old. Try to remember to take the time to educate yourself.

Glenn's Cult? said...

How do you know they did not abuse anyone teri?> Did you live with them and their wives? Were you present 24/7 furing the entire time they were with these women? No?

Then please don't speak. You were NOT there obviously. And your record of not believing any woman who speaks about abuse speaks for itself.

rwm said...

Official Complaint Against "MISS" (Mothers Intelligence Secret Service)
From: russ mcneill


To whom it may concern;

I would like to register a formal complaint against "MISS" (Mothers Intelligence Secret Service).

I am disgusted at the manner in which they single out individuals and take pride in trying to damage their reputation and good name. These individuals who run "MISS" (Mothers Intelligence Secret Service) claim "We have spent many many years researching these issues Swanson my boy. Everything on here is a screen shot of your words. Shall I contact my dear friend Mz Petunia to have her do a writeup on you?
Keep in mind we are everywhere as Mz Petunia is so fond of saying. We see everything. And we document it. And it will all end up here. So have a nice day Swanson." However the reality is they cut what they want to publish, so as to make up their version of their truth. Then they post this for the whole world to read. This is Libel.

Libel is committed when defamatory matter is published in permanent form or in a form which is deemed to be permanent. Defamation published by spoken word or in some other transitory form is slander.

People are protected from this kind of behaviour.

Article 17 of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states:

1. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honour and reputation.
2. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.
What makes "MISS" (Mothers Intelligence Secret Service) stand out from other opinion type forums is the fact that the editor cuts or edits posts that they do not like or that prove their information wrong. Many of these posts have even been edited so that they can twist the posts to suit their agenda. This behaviour removes anyone's ability to set the record straight.

I would like appropriate action taken against the persons responsible for this web site. If this not taken in a timely manner, then I will seek further action to ensure that WordPress is unable to host such websites in the future.

Thank you,

Russ McNeill

This is the next web site to get a complaint.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Bring it on!!! We are ready.