November 29, 2009

We will now begin lawsuit proceedings against Mark Godbey of San Ramon CA

nothing could be more proof than libelous attacks that members of the “pig pen” cult of followers that attack fathers only, and labels all mother and children as “battered” and the fathers as “abusive”.

Godbey uotes an article placed not by Lorraine Tipton but by an abuse advocate working tirelessly along with many others in order to protect Lorraine's child from further abuse. This child has NOT been given her day in court. Godbey ASS U ME s that Lorraine is an abusive and parentally alienating mother - because in his mind all mothers who do not want a child to visit a father are such.

Now as one of the members of the so called pig pen cult he calls out so bravely on his website, I plan to contact lawyers in California and undertake a lawsuit against Mark Godbey for libel. He needs to produce his evidence that any of the bloggers who posted this article concerning Lorraine are indeed engaging in libel against her ex-husband and ex-abuser. Court records are generally a matter of public record Markie. Why don't you do a search for Hensberger. You will see that he has indeed been arrested for and convicted of dui. The child has disclosed not just to family but to others of the abuse she has endured in the father's house. And the mother has attested to his abuses of her.

So keep calling us out on your blog markie. I have forced way back machine to archive your site. It will be up for all to see. And you WILL answer in court for YOUR libel.

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