November 7, 2009

A loving father?

I always believed that being "allowed" supervised visits is an abomination and amounts to a consolation prize, when prior to talk of a divorce, there was no concern about a non-custodial's ability to care for his child.
My kid was taken from me in New York. the judge tried that shit on me. That is to offer me a consolation prize. I declined, because I knew I would be no more than an out-of-state visitor and would have to fight each time to see the kid which up to that point, they refused to allow me to do. I would essentially be a baby sitter for the bitch, which I wasn't about to do, either. I would constantly be paying sharks to go to the court to ask for a little time with the kid. Not for me. I wasn't about to lose another dime in time or "shark" fees to get me something that should have been mine to begin with - a right to my kid.
It was heartwrenching to me - I felt like offing myself. But I eventually got over it. I haven't seen the kid since he was 2 1/2 y/o. Now he's almost 18. I understand he was recently trying to contact me, but I know for a fact it was only for more money. He, or I should say she gets $380.00/week from me. That's the extent of my involvement. If he wanted my involvement, he would have called me a long time ago and that didn't happen.

I ask you - are these the words of a loving father? Well apparently EFRMHP or ehosppharm@cxaxtxr.nxt seems to think so.

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Rj said...

A babysitter for the bitch?