November 10, 2009

Tim O'Brien and his "research"

Tim OBrien Says:

November 10th, 2009 at 9:46 am
Wow. Hard to believe they're still dragging out Genia as an example....

Well, Tim all I have to say to this little comment is just give it a few years. The so-called feminists as you like to lump us into one group, will have many more cases for you to do your supposed research on. Oh and be prepared, what you will find will be ugly (for your side). But oh I guess then you will dig up some obscure or absuive relative of the mothers and children in these cases to say they are abusive or worse. Kind of reminds me what has happened to Jennifer Collins (A NOW GROWN WOMAN WHOSE FATHER REFUSED TO SPEAK TO HER) and her mother Holly Collins. Will you villify the upcoming moms and kids like you have done with genia and Holly and the kids like Jennifer? Got news for you bub, my children are much more stubborn than any of the children who have spoken to date. I am much more stubborn than the moms out there (not saying they are not). And you will be facing a brick wall when my children and I come forward and when some of these other chidlren and moms come forward. So be prepared... Hasta Manana bub...........(when is manana in these cases? just wiat and see)

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Glenn's Cult? said...

Sorry MRA, you do NOT get to comment on my blog. I have researched the laws on libel and slander and when something is posted on a public website with a name attributed to the comment, I can take and reprint that comment and make my own comments on it.

So go run back to your little boys and have fun complaining about us feminazis. Hasta Manana BUB!