November 29, 2009

Panda Abuzz (buzz buzz buzzz buzzz buzzzzzzzzz)

This is what the website has to say about the buzzy panda:

PAAO is proud to announce the launch of our mascot Panda Abuzz!

Panda Abuzz is the hard work and creation of Donna Ingold (Abuzz's mom!), Sarvy Emo, and Bronwyn Coveney (our brilliant cartoonist). Together, along with the input of many adult alienated children and professionals, they have created Abuzz, who will be appearing in cartoon strips very shortly, as well as stand alone cartoon posters.
Abuzz's job is to educate the public and parents about how some adult behaviors are harmful to children. He will in effect be an extension of the child, expressing and voicing what the child can not, in order to make parents understand how they are harming their own children by their Parental Alienation behaviors.

Panda Abuzz is unique in that he will bring light to how damaging and confusing PA is to children, while being passed from child to child inorder to help multitude of parents in many cultural, religious or blended family dynamics understand and cope for the benefit of their children.

My question is this:

Does this panda truly buzz? It so sickenly reminds me of a pedophile plying a child with candy, toys, or a video game in order to steal them away and hurt them. I thought maybe this buzzy panda might have a real buzz like....

Well I would post it but this blog will not show pictures which are rated X, so you get the idea right? Lets do a crossword instead. This starts with V ends with R and has 8 letters. After all, wasn't it the GOD of the FATHER's RIGHTS MOVEMENT, "Richard Gardner" who suggested we need to teach children this act?

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