August 14, 2009

Danno I am not Jennifer but I do not think she is going anywhere anytime soon

Danno Says:

August 11th, 2009 at 8:48 am
Holly’s fabricated story just keeps going. With Jennifer’s obsessive mental health problems she just can’t get on with her life. I noticed she responded to Glen’s recent mention of within the hour of his publishing that article.

I assumed Jennifer might have realized her mother has only given her one side of the story since it’s been proven the whole fractured skull incident really happened when he fell out of a shopping cart.

Given the statements from the FFLM, it’s so typical Jennifer can’t disprove this;

“Then Jennifer spoke up, and the audience and moderators gasped when she told of her brother’s skull being broken by their custodial dad (who would violently beat their mother Holly).”

Obviously Jennifer left this tidbit out while trying to rally the extremist who still support her. Those days may be numbered.

She rants over and over that she’s the one who knows because it happened to her but just like PAS, her entire world is built around a lie.

I think Jennifer was hoping she’d have a fresh audience but no one is even listening anymore, except those of us who know the truth which Glen has proven beyond doubt. I’d bet money Jennifer will go back into hiding which is a clue to her lies.

Okay now the FR/MRA's are saying that Jennifer's brother got injured by falling out of a shopping cart? What is it guys? You say she cannot keep her story straight? I think typoes and spreading lies about a grown woman are two different things. Grow up, move on.... Jennifer is here to stay. And just wait until YOUR children grow up. There will be more Jennifer's, more Fatima's, more Jeff's, more Alanna's.... Many many more of them. Until the courts see the abuse for what it is. See that PAS hurts kids, and not because mom is alienating the child, because the courts are giving the chidlren to an ABUSER!!!!

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childrenunderground said...

Woa,,,, they may have been able to get away with that with my mother because she was so severely abused in her life. But not here!!! No one has ever even hinted at any sort of mental instability here. I am “perfectly normal” if any of us can really claim that.

What is this about me being obsessive? First I am criticized because I didn’t respond to Sacks article for over 3 weeks. Now I am condemned for giving a prompt response. Who is obsessing over whom? Don’t thiese idiots have anything better to do than to invent lies about someone they don’t even know?

As for the claims that I can’t get on with my life, this is my life! These lies are being printed about me. My professional life is just beginning and it is dedicated to making sure that children do not have to suffer the abuse and injustices like we did.

As for my brother’s fractured skull, I am not taking my mother or my father’s side of the story. He knows exactly what happened to him! He said my father beat him and slammed his head repeatedly into a wall because he got out of bed to help my mother when my father was beating her. I believe him! Our priest even says that my father admitted to beating us and that he was sorry for breaking Zachary’s skull. I believe him too.

What I can’t believe is how these wacko’s are so obsessed with my mother. It is almost humorous how they claim to know more about my life than I do. Glenn Sacks didn’t prove anything except that he is a bully. Some of his followers are just siding with him because they abuse their own children.

With the way some of these followers keeps projecting mental illness on other people, it is obvious that they are consumed with their own emotional difficulties.

Here I am out in the open calling these creeps on their lies. Does anyone notice how they are the ones who are hiding behind fictitious names? Oh… this one was much too easy.