August 17, 2009

Straight from the horse's mouth - things that make you go hmmm or should a man with diabetes be consuming alcohol?

In perusing THAT foul website I was directed to this link:

Lawsuit claims collusion by cops and private eyes

FEDERAL COURT — A La Jolla man is suing the city of San Diego, claiming police officers colluded with private investigators and falsely stopped him on suspicion of drunken driving in 2007 so his wife could use the arrest against him in a child-custody battle.
The 34-page complaint, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in San Diego, includes allegations of false arrest, negligence, battery, excessive force and conspiracy.
John F. Steel IV, a 50-year-old Type 1 diabetic, also alleges that a police officer denied him urgent medical care when his diabetes flared up during the arrest.

Okay the multi-million dollar question is this:

Why on earth would a Type I Diabetic be consuming alcohol? And then to excuse the behavior of going to several bars and consuming these same alcoholic beverages, he now feels the need like any typical fathers rights activist to place blame on his wife, the PI's, the police, the City of San Diego - everywhere but where the blame needs to be placed - right square on his shoulders. This reminds me once again of many of the FR's out there (including my own worthless ex). When they are arrested for a violation of a court order, or when they have money taken from their check, or when they cannot pay their bills because they have played games with child support, or when the children finally have enough of the bull shit, these men will find a handy target other than the true and just target - themselves.

Yeah this is realllllllllllll good. I say we send letters to San Diego mayor in support of his officers. WTG good job guys! Also - the PI's in this case - you have a firm where I live? Wouldn't be able to afford you anyway :-) But excellent move guys!!!! What child needs to be in the custody of someone who consumes enough alcohol to get a DUI and suffer from diabetes also - which should preclude alcohol?

Never mind, I know what THEY will say. He is over 21 after all.

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